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Energy Management

We offer cost effective solutions for intelligent control of Lighting, Water and HVAC usage, which results in reduced monthly expenses, reduction in taxes and increased profitability.


By replacing existing lighting fixtures with LED technology lighting can reduce energy costs by almost 80%. LED's create less heat and last 20x longer then conventional lighting.


     • Thermostat Control

     • Climate Control

     • Lighting Control

     • Temperature Monitoring

     • LED Lighting Retrofitting

Our Services

SOLA offers the security services and solutions you require for your business, including:

  - Intrusion Detection

  - Access Control

  - Fire Detection

  - Video Surveillance

  - Monitoring

  - Energy Management

Take Control Anywhere 
With Useful Mobile App's

Many systems can be controlled from anywhere using app's for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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