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Video Surveillance

Video security technology has drastically improved over the past few years. Security of Los Angeles installs the most reliable, state of the art HD security camera equipment available. We provide our customers with true high definition video. A professionally installed video surveillance system can help in the following situations:


         • Theft and vandalism

         • Tracks employee Incidents (workers comp fraud)

         • Keeps vital business documents from falling into the wrong hands

         • Helps prevent injury by monitoring certain areas for risky activity

         • Keep track of who enters and exits your property

         • Increase employee moral by keeping them safe


IP High Resolution HD Cameras 

   • Sony Imaging Sensor H.264

   • Image resolution 1080p

   • Mega pixel video resolution

   • IR night viewing 

   • Vandal resistant 

   • Vari-focal lenses

   • License plate recognition cameras


IP High Resolution HD PTZ Cameras 

   • HD 1080p PTZ Camera 

   • 20X optical zoom

   • Image resolution 1080p

   • Mega pixel video resolution 

   • Guard tour

   • IR night viewing


NVR - Network Video Recorder

   • 4,8,16,24 or 32 input NVR’s available 

   • HD 1080p recording 

   • HDMI true high definition, real time display and playback

   • Expandable storage

   • Multiple playback options 

   • Remote NVR viewing and operation via any internet connected device

      from anywhere in the world

   • Multi user viewing capabilities

Our Services

SOLA offers the security services and solutions you require for your business, including:

  - Intrusion Detection

  - Access Control

  - Fire Detection

  - Video Surveillance

  - Monitoring

  - Energy Management

Take Control Anywhere 
With Useful Mobile App's

Many systems can be controlled from anywhere using app's for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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