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Fire Detection Systems

The design, engineering, installation and approval of a fire system is a complex process that requires years of experience. Through careful administration and management, we at SOLA take responsibility of this process with the goal of making your life easier. Our UL Listed FM Approved monitoring station provides prompt notification to the Fire Department.


  • Experienced fire system design 

  • Scheduled fire system testing 

  • Installation of self diagnostic pre-warning smoke & heat detectors

  • Installation of carbon monoxide detectors 

  • Life safety systems 

  • Water flow and Valve Supervision sprinkler monitoring 

  • Monitoring of HVAC Duct Detectors with Global Shut Down

  • Cellular Communication (no need for phone lines)

  • UL Listed- FM Approved - NFPA Standards

Our Services

SOLA offers the security services and solutions you require for your business, including:

  - Intrusion Detection

  - Access Control

  - Fire Detection

  - Video Surveillance

  - Monitoring

  - Energy Management

Take Control Anywhere 
With Useful Mobile App's

Many systems can be controlled from anywhere using app's for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


CLICK HERE to see what's available.

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